China accelerates research on public data pricing mechanism

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(JW Insights) Nov 9 -- China will accelerate research on the establishment of a public data pricing mechanism amid its broader push to promote the efficient circulation and use of public data, reported China Daily on November 9, citing the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the National Data Administration.

The NDRC's Department of Price and the National Data Administration recently held a symposium to discuss policies for establishing and improving the pricing mechanism that conforms to the characteristics of public data, and bolstering the paid use of public data for digital development in accordance with the pricing guided by the government.

The Price Monitoring Center of the NDRC, the Credit Reference Center of the People's Bank of China, banks and enterprises attended the symposium.

The country unveiled 20 key measures in December to build basic systems for data and fully unleash the value of data resources. The basic systems will involve the establishment of a data property rights system, a circulation and trading system, a revenue distribution system, and a security governance system, according to the China Daily report.

(Gao J/Yuan XY)

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来源:爱集微 #public data# #pricing mechanism# #NDRC#



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