The Chinese suppliers of Huawei’s new Mate 60 attract renewed attention from investors who see new source of revenue

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By Greg Gao 

(JW Insights) Sep 12 -- Tech giant Huawei’s unveiling of the Mate 60 series has shaken China’s industry. As a result, its new component-related suppliers also witnessed a surge in their stock prices and attention from financial and investment institutions, according to Chinese financial media outlet Cailianshe.

These companies include 3Peak(思瑞浦) and Genew Technology(震有科技) in the satellite communication sector, Maxscend(卓胜微) in the RF (Radio Frequency) sector, MLOPTIC Corp(茂莱光学) in the photolithography machine sector, and Darbond Technology(德邦科技) and Guangdong Leadyo IC Testing(利扬芯片) in the semiconductor sector. These companies, connected to Huawei’s supply chain, have been the subject of intensive research by institutional investors and drew the interest of many investment firms.

As many companies recently disclosed their mid-year financial reports, institutional investors, during their research, have focused not only on the performance in the first half of the year but also on future growth prospects, order backlogs, and the progress of their business expansions.

At the end of August, high-power diode laser components manufacturer Focuslight Technologies(炬光科技) held an on-site conference, attracting 240 investors, including prominent investment institutions such as Sequoia Capital, Springs Capital, Taikang Asset Management, China Asset Management, CITIC Securities, CICC. During the conference, these institutions were particularly interested in the company’s progress in various areas, including laser optics, broad semiconductor process applications, and automotive applications for laser radar.

An announcement at the end of August revealed that the IC design company Triductor Technology(创耀科技) conference also attracted numerous investment institutions, including public funds, private equity funds, securities firms, and insurance companies. Triductor Technology focuses on the core communication chips and provides related application solutions and technical services. During the conference, the company stated that its new Star Flash chip has already completed tape-out and is undergoing commercial evaluations with some key customers. 

Since late August, several investors, including Shenwan Hongyuan Securities and CMB Securities, have conducted two investment assessments of Genew Technologies, a communication and telecom infrastructure solution and product provider.

Genew Technologies offers a complete 5G end-to-end solution, including 5G core networks, 5G messaging, open base stations, PON series, OTN series, and more. During the assessment process, institutional investors expressed particular interest in the company’s future key businesses and profit growth points.

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来源:爱集微 #smartphone# #Huawei# #Mate 60# #supply chain# #investment#



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