ASML says it can ship restricted chip-making gear until year end

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By Kate Yuan

(JW Insights) Sep 1 -- Dutch chip equipment maker ASML Holding NV said it has licenses to ship restricted chip-making machines to China until the end of the year, even as export curbs kick in from September, Bloomberg reported on August 31.

The four-month period starting September is meant to enable ASML to fulfill contractual obligations with Chinese customers. ASML doesn’t expect to get export licenses to ship three advanced immersion deep ultraviolet lithography, or DUV, models to China from January, an ASML spokesperson said August 31.

ASML has been hurt by the US effort to curb exports of cutting-edge technology to China, the Veldhoven-based company’s third-biggest market. The US had urged the Dutch government to prevent ASML from shipping some so-called immersion DUV lithography machines, its second-most capable machinery, to China without a license.

Those restrictions are set to take effect from September 1. ASML is already restricted from selling extreme ultraviolet machines, its most advanced systems, to China, said the Bloomberg report.

China's chipmakers have been scrambling to acquire crucial equipment before implementing new regulations. China's imports of such equipment from the Netherlands this year have already exceeded the total amount for the entire year of 2022, according to the data from China’s General Administration of Customs.

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来源:爱集微 #Supply chain# #ASML# #Fabs#



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